A couple weeks ago we had an activity night to make these:

And here is a tutorial explaining how we did it, and what we would have changed for next time.

You need:

  • The fabric banner from my sicily.etsy.com shop
  • 2 wooden dowels per banner (we used 9-10 inch long, 1/4 inch diameter ones)
  • black acrylic paint and a sponge brush (to paint the ends of the dowels, it dries quickly)
  • black thread and a needle
  • fabric glue
  • black (or deep pink or whatever color you like) ribbon (3 ft of ribbon per theme)
  • iron
  • paper to catch spills

Cost per girl is about $6-8 each for their own personalised YW theme. This says “I am a daughter of Heavenly Father” instead of “we are daughters of…”


I first cut out each banner, then I ironed the left and right edges over to make it easy for the girls to hem it with glue. It leaves a nice crisp edge.

img_3447You only want to fold over about 1/4 – 1/2 of an inch, it’s easier to glue the whole seam that way. Also, I’ve added extra black around the edges to the design, so that there is no white on the hem. You can see it only takes a little bit of fabric to hem this with glue method!

Then bring your items and go to the activity. 🙂 Set up a table for painting the dowels, a table for gluing and drying, and a table for making the bow for the ribbon.


Have the girls put a line of fabric glue on the left and right edges of the banner and smooth out the glue like so to seal the edges and prevent raveling:


Don’t worry, fabric glue dries invisible!


Paint the edges of the top and bottom dowels black. You do not need to paint the whole dowel. It takes about 10 minutes to dry or so.



Twist the dowel around in some glue, and roll the fabric around the sticky dowel. Do this for the top and bottom and make sure it is level, otherwise your banner will be crooked!



Talk about boys and let it dry while you tie your ribbon into a bow, making sure it is in the center. Take the black thread and make a stitch through the center of the bow so it won’t untie.

Now we tried to use fabric glue to hold the ribbon onto the dowel, which didn’t work very well. It was a satin ribbon and kept slipping. So I would try this instead:

To attach the ribbon to the dowel, bend the ribbon backwards to make a loop at the bottom for the dowel to fit through. Try out the position with tape first to make sure it hangs level, then put a stitch in the top of the ribbon loop. It won’t be attached to the dowel, and it will hang very easily! (or you could use a stapler too)

Note: The fabric glue takes a little longer to dry, so be careful that it doesn’t unroll from the dowel when you are testing how it hangs!

And that was our activity night, which also counted for Personal Progress! The girls loved their banners and it was a very simple activity to put together. Let me know how your activity night goes!


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  1. April 26, 2009  5:19 pm by Sarah

    I am loving this new look for your blog! Very clean lines, beautiful. Do you do your own self hosting with wordpress? I've been researching this since I'll be starting a modest fashion blog. Would love your feedback!

  2. August 12, 2009  1:13 pm by Merry Gray

    Can you tell me where you got the actual banner words from? There is no information about that in the directions and i would love to try this with our girls-thank you for a beautiful site and ideas!

  3. August 12, 2009  1:34 pm by Designer Girl

    Sure thing, it's one of the banners on my sicily.etsy.com shop. It's the 8x16" banners, available in singles or sets of 10. Thanks Merry!

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