So last week Terri left a comment on the Give-and-Get saying that she would like to see a design of:

“Girls Camp! The quest for T-shirt designs is always crazy. This year is done be we’d almost be willing to choose a theme based on a really good t-shirt design. We’re also looking for a good design for “be thou an example of believers” for youth conference.”

So, I had this idea of taking the words and putting them together in a snug rectangle shape (like they are in the scriptures), with letters that had a bit of playfulness to them, but were bold and strong. After I had the design of the letters in place, I then worked the surface to be a little worn, showing how when you are an example, you are tried and tested. I then took a big yellow paintbrush and swept the background (representing service), giving it a cheerful feel that worked for YW and YM (pink just wouldn’t work here!).

This is what I’ve come up with so far. I’d like to add the 1 Tim. scripture reference as well.

So here is how I’m going to offer it when it’s all done:

When the design is finished, I’m offering the small printed version of it to be downloaded for free (to put on announcements or flyers) as is.

And then I’ll offer the full digital conference package for $25 that includes 5 things:

Designing program templates for you to customize as you like.

A designed flyer template for you to advertise the conference.

And a large format high resolution image that you can use to print t-shirts separated into the 2 color screens you’ll need.

Adding the name of your stake and the dates of the conference to match the logo.

And of course changing the background to any color you like, if yellow isn’t your thing.

This should save you the designing fee when you have your shirt made at the printers which is usually around $25 anyway (at least the shops I’ve worked with). So, what do you think?


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  1. May 14, 2009  6:30 pm by Lori

    I have loved your items, you're inspiring. I was blog hopping to get ideas for crafts for girls camp this year and happened on to your blog and just loved it. Keep up the good work.
    Lori Farr West, Utah

  2. June 14, 2009  7:07 pm by Lo

    Please email me, I have questions about your YC pack! :)


  3. June 28, 2009  11:18 pm by Sandi Calhoun

    THIS is sooo NICE! i found your blog from Tip Junkee ( I think )
    I enjoy coming and looking at your wonderful ideas and I am anxious to share with my daughters leaders! ( when they get back from camp)
    I love the shirt idea.
    This would be sooo nice in my ward?stake. We do a thing called Youth Olympics. It is always in Jan, but this would sooo work for a back to school seminary type thing too.
    Thanks from Phoenix

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