Proclamation on the Family: Written by Heber J. Grant

For those of you following the blog, you will have noticed my slow but steady progress on my Heber J. Grant typeface. This evening I was able to complete my first project with it. It has been the most requested item on the blog so far so I’m thrilled to announce… The Proclamation on the Family Poster in Heber J. Grant’s handwriting! Available up to 40 x 60 inches, on […]


Grant Typeface update

Something that helps me concentrate while listening to talks is to draw. For some this would be a distraction but for me, it works. President Monson’s talk is my favorite so far. So today while listening to Conference I worked on the uppercase letters of the Heber J. Grant font I’ve been working on. And I’ve now finished a draft of the full alphabet in lower and uppercase. To test […]