Grant Typeface update followup

For those of you following this blog, you’ve seen my work on the Grant Typeface here and here. Here is a little update: Heber J. Grant didn’t include any numbers or many Capital letters in the writing sample I have. This has meant that I’ve had to recreate the missing pieces of the full typeface one character at a time, thinking “What would Heber have done?” Here’s some of my […]


A Brand New Year 2010

I cannot praise the Church enough for getting their youth programs online. The new is full of great information that the youth and we leaders can download, print and share, based around this year’s theme of Be Strong. If you haven’t seen it, forget my blog and have a look. If you’re still here, here’s the highlights to look for: On the homepage is a slideshow of large images. […]


Personal Progress Redesign

Still on Christmas break, but had a little time to write. I thought in this post, I’d speak as a designer and give my ‘design review’ of the new YW Personal Progress visuals (not the content). And also to give a shout-out to the designer as I’m sure trying to please a committee of women and general authorities must have required a miracle. Designing by committee is a very tough […]



In the Stake

No one tells you how hard Young Womens is, especially the part where they release you from your calling. I’ve had a lot of callings over the years, but none that I shed tears over after it was done (shedding tears during, that is another issue). Seriously, did my leaders ever cry when they got released from working with me as a youth? I hope so, if only it means […]


Western Modern Announcement

Usually I dislike designing wedding announcements. Not because I don’t enjoy coming up with new ways to announce a marriage, but because of all the people involved. Someone once told me that if you choose colors by committee you always end up with beige. This happens with announcements too, if you show too many people the design before it’s printed you end up with a whole lot of opinions that […]


Comment Winner!

Congrats to Hope Brooks on winning her name written in the font I’m designing of Heber J. Grant’s handwriting. I hope you enjoy your little prize! What would you do with this font? Leave a comment and you too could be a winner. Winner announced first week of November.


Blog button for you!

I’ve had a few requests for blog buttons, so here are a few to choose from. If you enjoy this blog, please add it to your blogroll or pin up a button. Just right-click and do a ‘save as’ on your favorite. Thank you so much for your comments, it’s a pleasure designing for you!


Sleepover and a Pep Talk

For the next two weeks I’m going to be busy writing my PhD design thesis, round II. It’s a 350 page monster and I’m determined to make it tame. Because of that I will be doing lighter posts for a bit! So the thing I wanted to share this week is the impact a sleepover can have on Young Women. We had a sleepover on the same night of the […]


Know Your Lemons

A few of you might have noticed the link at the bottom of this blog for Worldwide Breast Cancer. This is a design project I’ve been working on for several years to improve the way information about breast cancer is presented (it’s part of my PhD). Since Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up, I thought I’d share a poster from my collection (visit to see more): I’m also […]