2012 Young Womens Scripture Theme

This year I’m offering the scripture theme as a free download. The scripture theme matches the fabric Young Womens large theme and Young Womens Value Banners in my Etsy shop. You can also purchase them as posters here. As always leave a comment saying where you’re from as a thank you! While I’m offering it for free, the copyright still remains with me, so please enjoy but don’t copy or […]


A Brand New Year 2010

I cannot praise the Church enough for getting their youth programs online. The new youth.lds.org is full of great information that the youth and we leaders can download, print and share, based around this year’s theme of Be Strong. If you haven’t seen it, forget my blog and have a look. If you’re still here, here’s the highlights to look for: On the homepage is a slideshow of large images. […]


Value Banners, Up! (and instructions)

So for my 10 hour Personal Progress project, I crafted and hung the value banners in our room. It makes a HUGE difference in our YW room, giving it that touch of color and a reminder of what each value represents. (And yes, that is the size of our room!) The plan is that each month we will highlight a different value and read it’s scripture in our opening exercises […]


Poster Prints Now Available

After many requests to make the YW Values and Theme available as posters—in addition to the fabric ones on my Etsy shop—I’ve made them available through Imagekind. You can order posters from size 6 x 10″ up to 36 x 60″. These work out to be a little more than the fabric prints, but offer more flexibility in size. Here’s where you can find them: http://mormonmodern.imagekind.com/yw and as always, the […]


Value Banners have arrived!

After the anxious wait for the YW General Presidency to announce the details for Virtue, the fabric value banners have now been designed, proofed and will arrive next week! The first shipment left today from the printers and will be addressed to each of you very soon. Thank you for your virtue of patience in waiting for the banners to arrive. You are wonderful customers! There are also free bookmarks […]


No-Sew Finished Banner option (updated!)

Here is a tutorial on how to have your fabric banner ready-to-hang in 30 minutes (1 hour with the glue drying), without a sewing machine and for under $5. Great for a YW activity with the small personal banners. This is the method I used for my own theme shown here: Supplies for large banner (supplies are a little smaller for the small banners): 2 wooden dowels (8mm or 1/4 […]


Value Banners Update

For those of you who have been patiently waiting as I have for the YW General Presidency to announce the details for Virtue, you were as excited as I was this weekend to hear the official news!

So right away I went to work on the Virtue banner and have ordered a proof yard of fabric to ensure that everything is as it should be before I put the large order through and send it off to you.
In short, the 8 young womens value banners will be sent out mid March!


Spanish Value Bookmarks :: Freebie

Freebie for this week: Value Bookmarks Español! As requested here are some Spanish Value Bookmarks. For all you spanish speakers out there, please let me know if there are any errors. I will soon offer these for sale on my Etsy shop in the larger fabric printed version! Just click on the image below to enlarge and then right click (save image as…). Fits on American and European sized paper. […]


Young Women Value Bookmarks :: Freebie!

Here are some bookmarks for you to print. I made a guess on what the Virtue scripture and theme is based on the letter sent out (not an official guess!). Check back later for when the Virtue value is updated with the official version. 🙂 Just click on the image below to enlarge and then right click (save image as…). Fits on American and European sized paper. Enjoy! I ask […]


Young Womens Value Banners (fabric)

To match the Theme banner, I designed a set of 8 fabric banners for each Young Women Value. These will be sent out as soon as the YW presidency announce the scripture and theme for Virtue. I’m accepting pre-orders. Have a look! Available on the sicily.etsy.com store, more photos there too.