I started out as a farm girl, born and raised in Idaho.

Then I went to college, and more college. Until I ended up in England doing a PhD in design (that’s a lot of college). Right now I’m finishing my dissertation and have 4.5 degrees in design. I know, I’m a little obsessed.

That’s where I met my husband and now I’m a Young Women president in London.

I work full-time researching how design can improve things, and in the evenings I design things for you (when I’m not at Young Womens of course!).

This blog started out as something to design for my own Young Women, but then word spread, people asked where they could get one, and it’s turned into a passion. Luckily, I have a good friend in Utah who helps send all of your design orders out, helping us all to avoid the hefty postage fee from England.

I won’t be upset if I have to quit my job to design more for you. 🙂 Thanks for all of your kind words, suggestions and enthusiasm!

— Designer Girl


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