No one tells you how hard Young Womens is, especially the part where they release you from your calling. I’ve had a lot of callings over the years, but none that I shed tears over after it was done (shedding tears during, that is another issue).

Seriously, did my leaders ever cry when they got released from working with me as a youth? I hope so, if only it means I’m not only cry baby out there.

Good news is I’m not entirely out of the picture, I’m now in the Stake. And soon, I’ll be able to share all sorts of great Stake designs. But first I want to hear your ideas!

What have been the best run, most rewarding things you’ve done in your Stake?

p.s. As a side note, this blog has been silent for a couple weeks due to some seriously heavy writing on my PhD. We’re talking 13,000 words a week! This is likely to happen for the next few months but after it’s done, it’s full on with MM!


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  1. December 10, 2009  12:55 pm by Shara

    Some of the best stake activities I've been apart of (either as a youth or leader)

    -Q&A panel with leaders giving answers & youth submitting written questions (16 & up) about dating, etc. Sometimes you just don't know the answer but don't want to ask either!

    -Temple Marriage Fireside --have a couple in the stake come in their wedding attire, dress up the event fancy like a wedding reception--talks from the couple on why temple marriage was their goal & what choices they made to get there, talks from youth on what they are doing to prepare for temple marriage

    -YW Daddy Daughter event--there are always father-son campouts for the boys, so have a fun night for Dads & their girls...

    -What Would You Choose? Fireside...everyone has choices of which 'activity' to do--all are good, but some are BETTEr and some are BEST (ex: playing video games, playing basketball, & scripture chase) everyone goes to their designated room w/the games...after about 3-5 minutes someone knocks on the door & says "ITS TIME"--the class is quietly & somberly escorted to one gathering room, but everyone is divided by the choices they made. A short talk about how we are choosing daily, and our choices determine whether or not we will live with Heavenly Father again.

    Congrats on your new calling! You'll do great--what an asset you will be for your presidency!

  2. December 24, 2009  3:12 am by Designer Girl

    Thanks for the great ideas Shara! They all sound great, I'll definitely have to bring these up in the next meeting!

  3. February 9, 2010  12:25 am by ali

    I think stumbling upon your blog has made my NIGHT! Finally, some awesomely designed stuff for YW! Plus, you have some great ideas. I just got called as the Stake YW President and I would love to toss around ideas with you! This is going to be a great resource for me! Thank You!

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