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Pretty Banners

I recently got an email from a lovely YW leader asking if she could send me photos of the banners her girls made. Yes of course! And these are absolutely darling, the little flowers add such a nice touch. Here are photos from their activity, so I thought I’d share with the rest of you: As a side note, one of my Young Women told me that this summer when […]


A Brand New Year 2010

I cannot praise the Church enough for getting their youth programs online. The new is full of great information that the youth and we leaders can download, print and share, based around this year’s theme of Be Strong. If you haven’t seen it, forget my blog and have a look. If you’re still here, here’s the highlights to look for: On the homepage is a slideshow of large images. […]


Personal Progress Redesign

Still on Christmas break, but had a little time to write. I thought in this post, I’d speak as a designer and give my ‘design review’ of the new YW Personal Progress visuals (not the content). And also to give a shout-out to the designer as I’m sure trying to please a committee of women and general authorities must have required a miracle. Designing by committee is a very tough […]



In the Stake

No one tells you how hard Young Womens is, especially the part where they release you from your calling. I’ve had a lot of callings over the years, but none that I shed tears over after it was done (shedding tears during, that is another issue). Seriously, did my leaders ever cry when they got released from working with me as a youth? I hope so, if only it means […]


2010 Young Women Theme now available

Hey I’ve just added the 2010 YW Scripture to my etsy shop. It comes free with every YW Theme banner purchase. And it also matches the YW value banners. BTW, the YW Value Banners sold out last year due to YW in Excellence and New Beginnings. If you order your value banners before December 1 you’ll get a free 2010 scripture with it for returning customers to update last year’s […]