Do you remember Prayer Rocks? You know the rock that you would paint the word “prayer” on and then put on your pillow? The idea being that when you layed your head down at night you’d nearly knock yourself unconscious and then you would remember to pray. So you’d pray, and put the rock on the floor. And then in the morning you’d stub your toe and while you were trying to control your tongue you would be reminded to say your morning prayers. What a good invention, don’t you think?

Well even as a youth I thought the prayer rock was a mean idea. Beating yourself up to remember to say your prayers? That’s a bit much for me. So instead I used a ‘prayer pillow’. It’s much easier to kneel on than a rock. So I’ve put together a design with the word prayer on it for you to make your own ‘prayer pillow’. I’m trying to sew it on a black piece of fabric, with the word in white and it’s taking me a while. I think this nearly fulfills one of my 10 hour value projects just drawing the design! But here’s what it would look like:prayer pillows

It fits on a standard size sheet of paper which will work on a 18×18 decorative pillow (or a standard size pillow). The 12×16 pillow is too small to kneel on I found. Here is an upclose shot of it ‘stitched’:


You can get the pattern for $5 (includes 10 copies) and I’ll email you a high resolution copy for you to print off up to ten times.

Just fill out below how many people it’s for, where you’d like me to email the file, and click the giant button below to go to Paypal.

How many people is this for?
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  1. July 17, 2009  2:00 pm by lilly

    I'm interested in the prayer pillow pattern but can't figure out how to order. Can you give me more information please? thanks.

  2. July 20, 2009  3:10 pm by Designer Girl

    It was a little tricky, so I added a paypal button at the bottom of the post, hope that makes it easier thanks!

  3. January 31, 2010  8:58 pm by Carey

    Could you explain how you transfer the pattern to the pillow? Are you embroidering the pattern? Using an Iron on transfer, etc.


  4. February 2, 2010  1:19 pm by Designer Girl

    Iron-on transfers work well to stay in place, but you can also print it out and do a xerox copy in mirror image mode. You can then rub the xerox black toner onto the fabric with a transfer marker (ask for it in the craft or design shop) and then you have no iron-on, just the pattern! It's not a crisp transfer but you can test it out to see if it gives you enough of a mark to know where to stitch.

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