For the next two weeks I’m going to be busy writing my PhD design thesis, round II. It’s a 350 page monster and I’m determined to make it tame. Because of that I will be doing lighter posts for a bit!

So the thing I wanted to share this week is the impact a sleepover can have on Young Women. We had a sleepover on the same night of the stake dance, got ready at my counselor’s house and then got a meal. The 14+ers went to the dance and I took the beehives bowling. We watched Sabrina until 1 am and then had an amazing breakfast the next day.

Since then, I can’t get my girls to be quiet during lessons, because they are becoming genuine friends. A year ago I could barely get them to talk and now I have a better problem. 🙂

I really do have a great group of girls, and this calling has really shown to me how much the Lord loves the youth. He loves them so much He asks us to have activities every week, teach lessons every week. Seminary. Call them, help with Personal Progress, have programs, get them involved in stake events. Rides. We’re asked to do a lot because they need a lot, and they are worth it.

And we’re worth it too. All of this investment we make also comes back to us. Not in the frilly lesson sort of way, but the testimony building, send me your temple wedding announcement sort of way. It’s an amazing thing to watch the transformation from Beehive to Laurel, we are really lucky to be part of it!

Which gives me an idea for next year’s New Beginnings. Anyone else up for butterflies?


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  1. September 21, 2009  8:14 pm by Allie

    Thanks for the beautiful post. Sometimes we need a reminder of why we do what we do.

  2. October 9, 2009  9:59 am by Mary

    I love the butterflies! I have been mulling over an idea based on the song "You Can Change" from the 2009 EFY CD that my daughter brought home. It's a favorite of our YW and has a great message..."wrap your mistakes in a cocoon and let them die...then emerge a butterfly, you can change." I think it would be a great New Beginnings theme. I'm gonna keep working on it - I love to hear what others can come up with. Keep creating amazing stuff for us to beg, steal and borrow!

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