Freebie for this week: Value Bookmarks Español!

As requested here are some Spanish Value Bookmarks. For all you spanish speakers out there, please let me know if there are any errors. I will soon offer these for sale on my Etsy shop in the larger fabric printed version!

Just click on the image below to enlarge and then right click (save image as…). Fits on American and European sized paper. Enjoy!

I ask 2 things if you use these:

  1. Leave a comment and say where you’re from! It’s fun to see who is using these.
  2. Respect the copyright terms, as you usually do.


Want these large and on fabric for your YW room? Check out the store, coming soon!


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  1. February 20, 2009  4:24 pm by Vicky

    Hi, I am the 2nd Counselor of the YW in a small Spanish speaking branch in Phoenix, AZ. We are so excited to see nice, modern yw items in Spanish. Thank you!

    Monte Vista Branch

  2. April 7, 2009  2:20 pm by MAGGIE ADVINCULA

    tHANMK YOU !!!!! or should I say, GRACIAS!!!!! WE LOVE THIS!

  3. April 7, 2009  3:24 pm by janel

    Just found your site... I'm a Beehive advisor and LOVE what you have come up with. You are VERY talented and I appreciate you sharing your talent with all of us! I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  4. April 26, 2009  7:44 am by Talita

    Dear Designer Girl,

    Thank you so much for sharing these! A good friend of mine with whom I just served in the stake YW pres. got called to be a mission president's wive / Spanish speaking. I was looking for something that I could get ready for her to help her in her new assignment. These are so cute and you are so generous to share them!

    I have one question though, I cannot download them. Could you send me a link?

    Thank you so much!

  5. November 24, 2009  11:43 am by Elizabeth

    Thanks! I'm sending these to my parents on a mission in Chile! :)

  6. October 11, 2010  12:00 am by Kami

    I love your designs!!! And thank you so much for making these available in Spanish. It's so hard to find decent things in Spanish. And FYI, I'm from Canada, my husband's from Colombia--and we live in Provo Utah and go to a Spanish ward here.

    Thanks again!

  7. October 22, 2010  8:55 am by Helga

    Thanks! I'm the First Counselor for YW in our ward in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We will be using these to present the girls with their ribbons for having completed their projects.

  8. January 31, 2011  7:29 am by Karla

    Thank you! Im from Mexico! Im sure girls will love these modern bookmarks!! I hope you can give us more inspiration! greetings! :)

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