So for my 10 hour Personal Progress project, I crafted and hung the value banners in our room. It makes a HUGE difference in our YW room, giving it that touch of color and a reminder of what each value represents. (And yes, that is the size of our room!) The plan is that each month we will highlight a different value and read it’s scripture in our opening exercises so that we can get familiar with them.

First, my lovely, happy girls!


And now for the instructions:


Trim each value to the same size, leaving as much as you can for the top and bottom so that you can wrap it around and fit a wooden dowel through. But you don’t want a lot of fabric on the sides, half an inch to an inch is plenty.

Then paint the wooden dowels (13-13.5 inches long, 8mm wide) black, or use a magic marker if you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait for it to dry. Note: If you paint the edges first and let them dry you don’t get your hands black when you paint the middle.


I find gluing the edges gives the straightest neatest border, but it does take more time than sewing (iron the edges first either way). So hem the edges as you like. For the glue technique, look at the Tutorials category on the bottom of this page. But do the sides first, and then measure the top and bottom for the dowels to fit and then glue or sew the fabric back to make a loop for the dowels. I tried crazy glue, but it showed through the fabric so I don’t recommend that. Gluing the sticks to the fabric can work too, it’s just a bit messier and harder to make the banner hang straight.

Then, take about 2-2.5 feet of ribbon for each banner to hang from. Tie it in a bow and put a stitch through the center so it won’t untie. Or, make your own bows to put on it later to get a more even look. Now you’re ready to hang.

This totally depends on the type of room you have and what is allowed. I was able to have screws installed in my brick wall (nothing will stick to it) but you may have something different. The banners are very light, so a good thumbtack may do the trick on drywall! First, I took sheets of paper to use as stand-ins for the banners to get the spacing right. Then I went to work:


To make sure they hung straight(-ish, it’s not possible to have them perfect) I used tape to position the ends of the ribbon around the dowel until it hung straight, then I fixed them. Double-sided tape is great for this! Then trim the excess ribbon off the back of the loop.

Soon you have a room full of values! It also makes a great project for Personal Progress as it will take a young woman 10 hours to make 8 values carefully.



The quickest, easiest way is to get foam poster board (black) and trim the edges of each value so they are the same size. Or you can just wrap the fabric around white foam poster board, to make it look like a canvas type hanging.

Mark with a pencil where the edges of the fabric should be placed on the poster board.

Take spray glue (be careful where you spray this as it goes everywhere fast) and spray the back of the fabric and carefully place it in the center of the board. (May need two people for this.)

Then take some ribbon to cover the edges of the fabric, extending over the edges of the poster, and you’re done!

If any of you have photos of your values in your room, I’d LOVE to see what you did!


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  1. October 12, 2009  1:47 pm by Allie

    They look fabulous!

  2. October 14, 2009  7:16 pm by Lisa Baker

    I love the young women theme banner and want to order it. I was wondering when you would have the 2010 theme available? They have announced it. Will it be free with the banner like the 2009 one was? Thanks.

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