Usually I dislike designing wedding announcements. Not because I don’t enjoy coming up with new ways to announce a marriage, but because of all the people involved. Someone once told me that if you choose colors by committee you always end up with beige. This happens with announcements too, if you show too many people the design before it’s printed you end up with a whole lot of opinions that can turn it generic. A good bride is one who will stand up to those opinions and do what she wants anyway. Those are the brides I’ll design for.

So when I got a request to design an announcement for a bride who wanted a paisley, peacock, western, modern announcement to match her theme and colors, I knew I had a good bride. That and I had designed the announcements for all her sisters too, so why break tradition? 😉

I changed the names and information on the announcement for privacy, but here is how it turned out.

tamThe back is a solid paisley pattern that matches the front. Between her and her sisters creative genius, I know it’s going to be a fab original wedding!


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  1. November 17, 2009  11:25 am by nikkala

    The bride received a ton of compliments on the announcement, thanks!

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